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Dealing with Aggression

What do you do when two friends become mortal enemies? That's what happened to a poster on the Cat-Clicker mailing list recently. She had two cats, an aging female and a young male, who had been, well, if not friends then friendly cohabitants, until the older cat had surgery. Now for the last several months, the owner has had to keep the cats separated because trouble starts quickly if the two are together.

Feed your cat via text message on your cell phone

[VIDEO] If you're not home to feed your dog or cat, this Pet Care service allows you to text a special feeder that will drop some food into your pet's bowl. You can check out what it's up to using the camera, and even speak to your pet.

ClickerExpo 2007: Training with the Stars!

The new ClickerExpo.com is now live, including registration for ClickerExpo Los Angeles (Jan. 26-28, 2007)!
We've listened to all the attendee surveys and feedback, and we've kept all your favorite parts of Expo, while making lots of improvements:

Pet nation

A record 63% of all US households now own at least one pet. We cherish them as playmates, friends, and part of the family. But would you throw a $30,000 party for your dog? NBC's Al Roker explores how doggone far we go.

Learning by observation

Sylvia B. wrote in with the following story:

I trained all four of my dogs do a pretty "sit-stay" for me, all lined up in our kitchen, while I cut up some treats instead of having them out of control trying to see what I was doing.