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Welcome to the KPCT blog, a collection of all things relevant to our clicker training community. Browse the news items and tidbits of interest — and post your own comments. The blog changes frequently, so come back often!

Train Your Dog to Share

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What to Do When “Come” Won’t Cut It: The Emergency Recall Cue

This month’s Clicker Classic article, Training a Steadfast Recall, explains step-by-step how to teach a recall.

Have You Brushed Your Dog’s Teeth Today?

Oral health care is very important for pets; a daily tooth-brushng should be part of the schedule! Yet, brushing your dog's teeth can be stressful for your dog (and you, too!).

Happy National Dog Day!

As clicker trainers we love to celebrate the human-animal bond, and today the world is celebrating with us!

An Update on Advertising

Karen Pryor Clicker Training (KPCT) supports calls for Facebook to prohibit the use of the platform for the incitement and organization of violence, hate speech, and racist ideology.

Black Lives Matter: Statement From Karen Pryor Clicker Training

Karen Pryor Clicker Training stands with the peaceful protests against the violence communities of color face too often. Change is needed.

Scent Seek and Eat!

Looking for fun enrichment games to play with your puppy or dog while stuck indoors? Do your dogs enjoy playing with feeder toys? Well, here is a fun activity that is also budget-friendly.