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All-positive clicker training is kinder, faster, more effective, and less expensive than traditional training. We look for dedicated wholesale and affiliate partners who want to help spread the techniques and tools of clicker training. If you are interested in becoming a partner, select the category that best matches you.

Wholesale Program for Bulk Products

Affiliate Program to Earn Cash

Retail store, catalog owner, or distributor

I have a retail (catalog, web, store) or distribution business and I'd like to carry your products for resale.
We strongly support our partners that sell Karen Pryor Clicker Training products with merchandising ideas, favorable volume pricing, and a flow of new products. Call us at 1-800-47-CLICK, or e-mail us at Tell us something about yourself in the e-mail and we'll be that much faster at matching our product set to your customer set.

Trainer, breeder, or club officer

I'm a trainer, breeder, or club and I'd like to use your products in my courses.
We want every pet owner who needs to train behavior to train the clicker way. Trainers, breeders, clubs, and shelters have an enormous opportunity to educate clients. We have special pricing on wholesale products to help you improve your business. Call us at 1-800-47-CLICK or e-mail us at Note: KPA CTPs receive special wholesale pricing.


I'm a veterinarian and I'd like my clients to learn about clicker training.
Finally! A training and behavior modification technique that is effective, quick, kind, and fun. That's clicker training. Karen Pryor's firsthand experience teaching her beginning clicker seminar at the Tufts School of Veterinary Medicine demonstrates to us that every veterinarian ought to be introducing his or her clients to clicker training. We have special pricing on wholesale products to help you improve your practice! To find out more, e-mail us at, or call us at 1-800-47-CLICK.

Shelter manager, staff, or volunteer

I work at a shelter and I want to know how I can use clicker training to make our guests more adoptable.
Did you know that we now have reliable data demonstrating that shelters that invest just a little time to clicker train their guests enjoy a significant reduction in the number of pets returned post adoption? It's fantastic! Clicker train your animals and help new owners continue to clicker train. Shelter volunteers love it! Owners love it! Pets love it! We have special pricing on wholesale products to help you improve your shelter and make your pets more adoptable! Call us at 1-800-47-CLICK or e-mail us at

Pet-related website owner

I have a website that is frequented by pet owners or professionals and I'd like to help spread the word about clicker training.
Fantastic! We have our affiliate program for you. By becoming an official Affiliate, you'll earn a sales commission on the sale of every customer you refer to us and help spread clicker training globally! Learn more about the affiliate program or sign up now!