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Clicker Training for Cats earns 5 stars from About.com!

About.com provides an in-depth, glowing review of our Clicker Training for Cats Kit. Read the review or learn more about this indespensible tool for cat owners. "Anyone seriously interested in clicker training a cat will need this book, and the Clicker Training Fun Kit will give you all the tools you need to start today."

Toilet Trained Cats and Whales Giving Blood

What is it about a toilet-trained cat that would attract more than one million views on YouTube.com? Plus, footage of a whale giving blood...

Mystery cat takes regular bus to the shops

And here I was, so proud last night, because my cat will follow a target across the room. Now there's a cat that rides the bus to the fish and chips shop in his neighborhood.

Massive Pet Food Recall

There is a massive pet food recall in place for many major brands of wet dog and cat food, including brands like Iams and Eukanuba, as well as many store brands like Hannaford's and Save-A-Lot.

Please look at the recall information, and check your pet's food if you use any of the brands. The risk to your pet's health is potentially fatal, so please get the information and spread the word! 

View the Canis Film Festival finalists online!

The Canis Film Festival is in full swing, with some fantastic entries coming in from around the clicker training world. Submissions are now closed, and the finalists have been posted.

Check out CanisFilmFestival.com today to see them all!

UPDATE: See the videos that didn't qualify for the finalists, but include some of the funniest and most talented animals! Check them out here.