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Majority of Pet Owners Buy Presents for their Pals

According to the Associated Press, 52% of pet owners plan to buy their animals a holiday gift—up from 43% last year. Many pets receive holiday outfits, special toys, and themed treats such as candy cane-shaped rawhide chews. Here at KPCT, we've already picked out a few holiday gifts for the special pets on our lists, including a Santa Loopie, Reindeer Toys, and a Hanukkah Gelt squeaker!

Most Popular Dog Costumes

Are you planning on dressing up your dog, cat, or other pet for Halloween? Have you picked out or made the costume? We already have a good number of submissions for our costume contest, but there isn't one costume showing up more than others. After all your hard work getting your favorite friend ready for the fun festivities, be sure to take a picture and submit it to us. Enter the costume contest and you could win treats for your pet. All you have to do is take a picture of your pet dressed up in costume and then e-mail the picture.

KPCT Costume Contest!

Do you and your dog dress up for Halloween? Ever have a costume so cute you wish you could share with everybody else? Think your outfits are so outrageous they could win a prize? Well, while you’re preparing for Halloween, be sure to enter our Pets in Costume Contest. The winner receives—what else?—free treats! All you have to do is take a picture of your pet dressed up in costume and then costumes [at] clickertraining [dot] com (e-mail the picture). Good luck!

Chicago Tribune pays tribute to cat trainer

When you're in the zone, you're in the zone! Clicker trainer Samantha Martin strikes again with a major coup: this terrific profile in the Chicago Tribune. Congratulations, Samantha!

In case you missed it, we blogged about Samantha's other recent press coverage earlier this month.

Canis Film Festival finalists are here!

The Canis Film Festival is in full swing, with some fantastic entries in from around the clicker training world. Submissions are now closed, and the finalists have been posted.