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Oscar the Cat: Comfort at Death's Door

As reported today in the Boston Globe, Oscar the cat comforts the dying at the Steere House Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Providence, Rhode Island. Oscar provides more than your usual does of animal therapy: he curls up on the beds of those who are about to die, often before anyone else is aware that a particular patient's remaining hours are few. Oscar purrs deeply, providing comfort and beauty to a life's close.

Clicker training cats as service animals...?

Thinking outside the canine box when it comes to service animals, from Newsday.com:

...Training a service cat can be more challenging than your average golden retriever. "Cats are a harder package to put together," Knowlton concedes. "You have to get one that's not afraid of anything, and who will listen. And she needs to be unobtrusive—if I bring Pushette to a restaurant, she needs to stay in her basket," which is attached to Knowlton's motorized wheelchair.

Read the full article Newsday.com here. You can also find lots of goodies on clicker training cats at this page.

Pet Strollers: Good idea? Bad idea?

I came across this today and was dumbfounded. Strollers, like baby strollers, for dogs and cats up to 165 lbs. I'm not sure whether this is a great idea, or a really terrible idea. What do you think?

Just Pet Strollers

Survey Reveals Hidden Reason Behind Cat Urine Marking

Veterinarian and cat specialist Dr Kim Kendall has recently conducted a survey of cat owners around Sydney, Australia to try to determine reasons why cats might urinate inside the house.

Her findings support a hypothesis that cats who are "bullied" by other neighbourhood cats, or struggling to maintain a territory, will "mark" their territory with urine in a desperate attempt to claim it. Another consideration is that stress can prevent the bladder from filling, causing more frequent urination.