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TAGteach Introduces Its 2006 Certification Seminar Line-Up!

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TAGteach International has nine seminars lined up for professional certification in 2006. Attendees will learn how to apply the TAGteach method and will receive standing as TAGteach certified teachers upon successful completion of the 2-day program.

Now being applied around the globe from Iceland to the United States, TAGteach is attracting forward thinking professionals from competitive and recreational sports, special education, autism, physical education, physical rehabilitation, general classroom and business management. In this seminar, attendees will learn the foundation skills they need to bring TAGteach back to their field and begin using it.

Teaching with Acoustical Guidance (TAG) is marker-based teaching that uses feedback, positive-reinforcement and depends on the use of a distinct non-verbal, marker signal and a step-by-step system for building performance. The teacher sets the student up to succeed by setting attainable tag points, using constructive language and by increasing criteria in manageable increments. Because the criterion for success is the attainment of the tag point and not the completed perfect skill, the student achieves many small successes. This reduces frustration and creates a comfortable and secure learning environment for students and teachers of any discipline.

"Tagging has taught my students to think for themselves," said teacher Amy Rhodes.

"We saw an almost immediate improvement in skill execution and confidence in our Special Olympics rhythmic gymnasts," said Debbie Boycott, head coach of the Oakville Butterflies from ON, Canada.

"Using TAGteach has been the most important career move I've ever made. I truly enjoy coaching again", said Theresa McKeon, coach at International Gymnastics in Matthews, NC

"TAGteach strengthens communication and understanding, helping to build a better child-parent or student-teacher relationship," said Victoria Fogel, board certified associate behavior analyst for the University of Florida.

Primary certification seminars will be held in Portland, Oregon, Feb 4-5, New Germany, Minnesota, Mar 4-5, Troundheim, Norway, April 22-23, Middlegrove, New York, May 6-7, Orlando, Florida, May 20-21, College Station, TX, June 24-25, Gloucestershire, England, July 7-8, Dingle, Sweden, Jul 26-27, and Brunswick, Georgia, August 12-13. An Advanced Workshop will be held July 28-29 in Dingle, Sweden. A brief description of each seminar is available at http://www.tagteach.com/events/.

Space is limited in all seminars to ensure that every participant receives personal attention and a high quality experience that includes many opportunities for hands-on practice. On-line registration is open at http://www.tagteach.com for these seminars. Information for seminar hosts is also available at the TAGteach websites.

Contact Information:
Theresa McKeon http://www.tagteach.com 704-995-9237
TAGteach International 49 River Street #3 Waltham, Massachusetts, 02453, 1-887-TAG-0002

For a full listing of TAGteach Seminars and Workshops, see the TAGteach Events Calendar.