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TAGteach Online Course Open for Registration!

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You know how well clicker training works with animals. Did you know that those extraordinary results can be replicated with humans? It’s called TAGteach—a system of marker-based positive reinforcement for teaching humans.

TAG is an acronym for Teaching with Acoustical Guidance. The focused, positive nature of this method yields immediate and stunning results that are clearly evident to teachers, students, and parents. TAG is a modified application of clicker training applied to humans, currently being used in a wide array of disciplines including corporate training, sports, classroom teaching, physical and occupational therapy, music instruction, and more. For an illustration of TAGteach in action, watch this video.

Now you can learn about TAGteach from the comfort of your home or office with the TAGteach online course. This course covers the basics of TAGteach, including how to create tag points, how to break skills down into teachable parts, and how to find the right reinforcers for your learners—and provides opportunities to observe and practice through videos and practical exercises. This course is suitable for anyone who wants to teach something to someone else, including parents, teachers, therapists, coaches, and corporate trainers. See the course outline PDF for details. You can also download a course demo PDF with video links.

The course requires about 9 hours in total, and may be completed at your convenience on your own schedule within a 30-day period. The course fee is $325USD. To enroll, click here and follow the onscreen instructions.

Discounts are available for Karen Pryor Academy CTPs and anyone who has previously attended a TAGteach certification seminar. You can earn TAGteach primary level certification by taking this course, handing in your journal and exercise sheets, and attending a one-day TAGteach hands-on workshop.

Questions? Contact t [at] tagteach [dot] com (Theresa McKeon).

“I had so much fun participating in the TAGteach online course! The layout is extremely well organized and very user-friendly. The content of each lesson provides excellent narrative while watching and practicing TAGteach skills. I learned from each engaging video and interactive worksheet.” —Laura Monaco Torelli, CPDT KPACTP