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TAGteach International LLC Launches Newer, Faster Teaching Methods for Coaches and Teachers

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Waltham MA (PRWEB) June 1, 2004 - TAGteach International, LLC

Karen Pryor, a leading behavioral scientist, author, and pioneer in the field of positive reinforcement learning, announced today that she has joined with the founders of the TAGteachâ„¢ method to develop and promote the company's revolutionary teaching system.

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The TAG (Teaching with Acoustical Guidance) system amplifies, through acoustical signals, the critical information students and athletes need to learn and acquire new skills. The TAG, a key communication tool used in the system, refers to the distinctive sound made to mark or "TAG" a moment in time. This sound becomes an acoustical binary message that is quickly processed by the brain and speeds muscle learning. A TAG means "yes." Absence of a TAG means "try again."

TAGteaching has been used successfully to teach competitive gymnasts, competitive dancers, and Special Olympians. New TAGteachers are applying the TAG protocols every day in areas ranging from physical rehabilitation to team sports.

"TAGteach is not just an accelerated way to teach and learn," said Pryor. "It also has a huge positive impact on the lives of both the teacher/coach and the student/athlete. "Imagine a gym without the sound of the coach yelling. Imagine making more progress overcoming physical disabilities in three months than in the previous three years. Imagine taking five strokes off your golf game after just one or two TAG sessions. That's the level of performance increase we are talking about."

"We are thrilled to all be part of one company," said Theresa McKeon, one of the co-founders of the TAGteach method and coach of competition level athletes. "We are building on what Karen started and her support of our work all along has meant so much. TAGteach is already having a big impact in the gyms I work with."

"TAGteach delivers what teachers and coaches dream about," added Joan Orr, a co-founder of TAGteach, coach, and research scientist. "A protocol for accelerated learning without correction; a method for generating sustained enthusiasm and avoiding burnout; a principled approach applicable to students/athletes at every skill and educational level."

The company is launching its first educational seminars in the Boston area in the summer and fall of 2004.

The TAGteach: Coaches and Educators Level 1 Seminar, Oct 9-10, 2004 will introduce educators and coaches to TAGteach and focus on the application of the TAGteach methodology in individual and team sports, as well as special education, general education, and physical education. Educators will be able to begin applying TAGteach in their classrooms and with their teams at the end of the weekend.

The TAGteachDance Level 1 Seminar, July 16-18, 2004 will introduce dance and movement teachers to TAGteach and focus on the application of TAGteach to dance and movement teaching.

The TAGteach system of fast-track learning has been developed with behavioral experts, coaches, and teachers. With TAGteach, the brain does not have to process corrections, emotions, or explanations while the body is trying to perform complicated or precise movements. Regardless of age or application, the TAG-taught student learns to react accurately with lightning speed while building muscle memory and confidence.

For additional information, please contact Aaron Clayton, aaron [at] tagteach [dot] com.

TAGteach International is a company dedicated to the promotion and development of the TAGteach method of positive reinforcement delivery in teaching and coaching.

TAGteachâ„¢ and its related marks are trademarks of TAGteach International, LLC.

Aaron Clayton
TAGteach International, LLC
49 River Street Suite 3
Waltham, MA 02453



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