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Just for Professional Trainers

So You Want to Be a Dolphin Trainer!

Hi Karen, I am in the 9th grade and live in California. I just finished reading your book, Lads before the Wind. We had just been to Sea Life Park this summer, so the book was a double treat to read. I am doing an essay for my Honors Language Arts class on the ideal job for me. I know you are busy but wanted to ask you some questions.

Just How Good ARE You? Clicker Trainers' Testing Program

Kay Laurence, founder of the British clicker company Learning About Dogs and the magazine Teaching Dogs, has pioneered a new way of assessing the clicker skills of individual trainers. The program tests the trainer's abilities, not the dog's performance. The test is valuable not so much as a measure of achievement but as a clear-cut way of finding out what you know and what you still need to find out, a very difficult thing to judge for oneself.

Keeping Clicker Records

A little clicker work goes a long way toward helping dogs adjust to kennel life. Many different people can work with the same dogs, if they all click for good behavior.