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Just for Professional Trainers

Clicker Training: The Fad that Became a Technology

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Editor's note: Karen Pryor Academy recently held an

Independents' Day: Challenges Facing Independent Trainers

Today, independent training businesses face significant obstacles if they want to remain independent entrepreneurs.

Karen Pryor Academy: Clicker Training the Way It Ought to Be

In May we announced the launch of the first educational course of the new Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training & Behavior. The Academy is set up both to spread the word about clicker training and to teach people to clicker train the way we think it ought to be done.

How to Train Scent Discrimination for Obedience Competition

Scent discrimination is one of the "advanced" obedience exercises, but it is actually one of the easiest to train. Why? You are working with the dog's single most acute sense: smell. Although the word is politically charged, in behavioral terms "discrimination" simply means a choice made on the basis of established criteria. In the case of scent articles, that criterion is the handler's scent ("find the one that smells like me").

Lawyer Ditches Legal Briefs for Clicker: Meet Morgan Spector

We're proud to announce Morgan Spector as a new member of the outstanding ClickerExpo faculty. Morgan established Best Behavior Dog Training in 1995 to apply clicker training methods to competition obedience training. This work ultimately led to the writing of his popular book, Clicker Training for Obedience. We recently spoke with Morgan about his career and the status of clicker training today.