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Choosing to Come When Called—and Other Choice Morsels on the Science of Choice Behaviour!

Dogs make choices. Training is really about increasing the probability that your dog makes the choice that you prefer over all other choices, and that’s why it's important to understand how animals make choices. The good news is that the probability of a behaviour is actually quite predictable—which is not so comforting if you discover that the behaviour you want has a low probability! But the other piece of good news is that there are ways to increase probability, and the study of “choice behaviour” explains how.


How to Train People While You're Training Dogs

Essentially, TAGteaching is clicker training for humans. It has numerous applications, and is popular among athletic coaches, educators working with learning-disabled individuals, pilot instruction schools, and, yes, clicker classes!

Designing Effective Reinforcers: What Every Teacher and Humane Educator Should Know

Editor's note: Lynn Loar, Ph.D., LCSW, President, The Pryor Foundation, recently contributed an article to the summer and fall issues of The Latham Letter. Entitled Designing Effective Reinforcers: What Every Teacher and Humane Educator Should Know, the article was co-authored with five children. We're pleased to introduce the piece, and two related brochures created by some of the children, to readers of www.clickertraining.com.

Pro Trainers: How to Increase Revenue via Memberships

In difficult economic times, how can a dog trainer establish and develop a thriving professional enterprise?

Why In-Home Training Works So Well—Plus a Free Management Tool!

It is so worthwhile, and so easy, to customize clicker training lessons for a family when the training takes place in their home. In that environment, I can see behaviors of both the family members and the dog that wouldn't show up in a class situation. I can keep the training consistent for the dog by helping each family member stay on track.