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Karen's Letters


February means Valentine's Day, a happy time for me as a child. I lived with the principal of our school, Mrs. Sturley, who set up a card table in the parlor so I could spend hours pasting together the paper, lace, stand-up figures, and stick-on hearts and lovebirds to make twenty-one special valentines for my twenty-one classmates. Sometimes I signed mine; sometimes, daringly, I wrote "Guess who?"

On My Mind: A Fresh Start

Happy fall—a time for change and new ventures

On My Mind: Too Many Butterflies

From about age nine through thirteen I collected and studied butterflies. My interest was intense; I might well have grown up to be an entomologist.

On My Mind: How to Write a Scientific Paper

Publish: the process and the peers

On My Mind: Sparks Flying at SPARCS Conference

From June 20-22, 2014, I went to a new kind of dog conference held here in New England: SPARCS 2014.