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Training in the Multi-Animal Household

I've seen this topic come up on multiple mailing lists recently: "I have two <insert favorite animal>.

Why did you first log on to Clickertraining.com?

We know lots of people come to our site every day; most for the first time, but many for the hundredth time. We want to know what you're looking for!

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View the Canis Film Festival finalists online!

The Canis Film Festival is in full swing, with some fantastic entries coming in from around the clicker training world. Submissions are now closed, and the finalists have been posted.

Check out CanisFilmFestival.com today to see them all!

UPDATE: See the videos that didn't qualify for the finalists, but include some of the funniest and most talented animals! Check them out here.

Making Dogs More Adoptable with Clicker Training

[Merope Pavlides] said owners can learn how to clicker train their own dogs. "The most important thing and the thing that takes the most practice is timing, so that the click marks precisely as the behavior is wrapping up."

Clicker Training: No More Homeless Pets

Andrea Frick has started a new blog on the Best Friends Network named "Clicker Training: No More Homeless Pets." On it she answers questions related to adoption and training, and for very good reason. As she puts it: