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Clicker Training: No More Homeless Pets

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Andrea Frick has started a new blog on the Best Friends Network named "Clicker Training: No More Homeless Pets." On it she answers questions related to adoption and training, and for very good reason. As she puts it:

Many animals that end up in shelters have little or no training. Training can help to make an animal more adoptable and more comfortable interacting with people. Good training can build confidence in a shy animal and calmer behavior in animals that show stress. It can reduce aggression and build great relationships between animals and the people that train them.

If you have questions about training a shelter animal, this is a great place to get your questions answered.

flygirl129's picture

Brodie barks at everyone and all dogs!

I adopted Brodie from a shelter less than two weeks ago. He is absolutely beautiful and listens to the basic commands of sit and down.

When he sees people or dogs outside through the window, I am able to stop his barking through talking, petting him and treats.

However, the bigger problem is when I go outside with Brodie he jumps and barks and wags his tail at all people/children and dogs that pass by. I have him on a leash and try to control him. However, the situation is becoming worse and not better.

Any help that you could give would be great.

I have not started "official" manners training/clicker training yet. However, I have started clicker training on my own for the basic commands.

Thank you.
Ms. Alex & Brodie