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Kibble in a Bottle

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Did you know that boredom is a common culprit of problem behavior? By enriching your pet’s environment, you can prevent problems from occurring and build a stronger bond with your dog. In their new book Beyond Squeaky Toys: Innovative Ideas for Eliminating Problem Behaviors and Enriching the Lives of Dogs and Cats, Nicole Nicassio-Hiskey and Cynthia Alia Mitchell  offer over 100 enrichment ideas to eliminate problem behavior and create a happier home. Here’s one idea:

Excerpt from Beyond Squeaky Toys: Kibble in a Bottle

Find any plastic bottle (water, seltzer, or soda bottle) and place several pieces of hard kibble or other small sized food treats inside. Hand over the bottle to your pet and let them roll it around, carry it, or paw at it. Eventually a treat will tumble out. To make the device more difficult, add rolled up paper towels and place inside the bottle. If your dog has a tendency to ingest foreign matter, this enrichment must be supervised.

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