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Top Animal Trainers Teach Trade Secrets to Everyone

ClickerExpo announces the 2009 season of its highly popular conference series for animal trainers at every level, from new dog owners to professional zookeepers. If you've ever wanted to know how trainers bond with orca whales, teach sea lions to play soccer, or train a dog to lie down quietly outside the local coffee shop while they sip a cup of java inside, then ClickerExpo is for you.

Click and Laugh: Fun Cat Tricks!

The idea of training cats is often met with a reaction of disbelief. Cats are prized for their independence and for their determination to do exactly as they please when they please. Surely cats do not want to be trained—and, if they did, they would insist on setting their own agenda. (They do, of course.)

How to Prepare Your Pet for Health Care and Grooming

Pets have to tolerate not-so-pleasant procedures during grooming or veterinary care. But it's hard to convince a feisty Fido that it's great fun to be held down while the vet puts drops in his ears! On your own at home, without the benefit of practiced technique and extra pairs of hands, a task like that can be more of a wrestling match than a calm medical procedure.

Karen Pryor Academy Certifies Latest Class of Elite Trainers

Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training & Behavior is pleased to announce the following graduates from the Dog Trainer Program, each earning the title of Certified Training Partner.

Vet Assistant Discovers Magic of Clicking

When Katie came to our veterinary office, she was a skinny, sickly, 1.8 lb tabby kitten with a fever and lots of worms. We estimated her at about 4 months old. Katie had been born into a band of stray, mostly feral cats. We admitted Katie for care and grew so attached to her we adopted her as one of the office cats.