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Attentiveness is different towards me than to our trainer...

I haven't written in awhile but I have been keeping up with clicker training on my Bulldog since we are in a class that teaches using the clicker.  I've also begun clicker training not too lon

Clicker Training with Alpacas

I have been working with alpacas for 6 years and have found clicker training to be an incredible way to teach them new things plus to build a better relationship.

When to move on to new things?

I've been trying to train Blake in a few things and there's so much more I would like to teach him!  What I'm wondering then is, do I have to wait until he's "mastered" a behaviour before movi


This is my blog - a diary about living with donkeys, notes about care, my training sessions and the absolute pleasure of

clicker training a horse to station

Just put together a new video of mat training. Hope you enjoy.