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Clicker training demos popular across the US

This summer clicker trainers all over the country are spreading the word by giving public demos of what you can do with the clicker. Just in the last week I've seen clippings from The San Jose Mercury, the Orlando Sentinal, and seven other newspapers mentioning clicker demos in connection with pet fairs, humane organization fund raisers, mall events, and other gatherings.

Operant conditioning - chickens and dogs

From the Daily News in Longview, Washington: "The chickens had to walk up a ladder to a platform and walk across a balance beam to another platform. Then they had to count -- walk two times around a post in the center" before returning to beam and platform, "turning 180 degrees and going down the ladder to a table" where they had to "peck a blue bowling pin off the edge. They had to choose between red and blue," Haderly said. "And they had to do all these steps on one command: 'Go!' "

Clicking with horses in the news

Clicker training is featured this week on the website of The Horse magazine,
www.the horse.com. Which bills itself as "The latest news and in-depth,
veterinarian-approved articles on equine health care."

Animal rescuers have good weekend at festival 06/30/05

Festival, adoption, and clicker training to boot.

Animal rescuers have good weekend at festival 06/30/05