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Muzzles—Not Just for Aggression Anymore!

Times are changing

For many people, the idea of a muzzle evokes a long-standing association with aggressive dogs. That impression can create feelings of fear and worry when people hear about or witness a dog in a muzzle. There is no denying that when many people see a muzzled dog, they envision the likes of a Hannibal Lecter character (a monster, but in fur)!

Stay Until Released

Stationary behavior: What are we really looking for?

Recently, I watched a man working on duration of a behavior—his dog's front feet, stationary, on a target. Watching his training session, I did not see anything out of the ordinary. But there was a problem. The trainer said he had achieved 5-7 seconds of duration, yet when the class instructor asked for a demonstration, he could only demonstrate the barest fraction of a second of standing still on the target.

On My Mind: Going to the Vet

Better safe than sorry

Going to the vet—the topic came up on the Karen Pryor Academy (KPA) Alumni list recently. When do you know the dog or cat is sick enough to be taken to the vet?

Someone's puppy was throwing up quite a lot, and there was some kind of foreign material in the vomit. The puppy was playful and seemed normal in every way, but still. Then the owner remembered that the puppy had eaten part of a rubber slipper. The consensus from the list was to take the puppy to the vet.

Zootoo Features Clicker Training and Don’t Shoot the Dog

The online pet portal Zootoo features an in-depth look at the benefits of clicker training in an article entitled Lifelong Learning With Your Dog

How to Practice Clicker Mechanics

Do you remember when you learned to tie your shoes? Maybe that's too far back and the details are fuzzy. How about when you learned to type? I remember that well. It was during my freshman year of high school, the first period of the day, bright and early. My fingers were still asleep! As I clicked away at the IBM Selectric typewriter, it seemed so awkward. But as I practiced each day, I became more and more comfortable and my skill improved. By the end of the semester I was typing over 50 words per minute.