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The co-authors of Positive Gun Dogs: Clicker Training for Sporting Breeds are the highly qualified Jim Barry, Mary Emmen, and Susan Smith.

Jim Barry, Certified Pet Dog Trainer (CPDT) and Certified Dog Behavior Consultant (CDBC), works out of Middletown, Rhode Island. He provides private and group instruction as well as behavior modification services throughout southern New England. Jim is an active member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) and edits the ethics column for the APDT newsletter. He is a member of the Head Start team at the Potter League for Animals, working with challenging shelter dogs to improve their chances of adoption. He is the only US trainer certified as an assessor for the United Kingdom's Gundog Club. Visit Jim's website at www.ridogguy.com.

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Mary Emmen, MA, has been showing families how to teach their dogs to be well-mannered family memĀ­bers through group and private lessons and behavior consultations in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area of Minnesota for more than a decade. Mary has been active with the Animal Humane Society for almost 15 years, both as a trainer and as a volunteer in various capacities. She is also a member of APDT and actively mentors students interested in a variety of dog-training careers. Her current "pack" includes Daisy, a Llewelyn English setter, and Kate, a pointer. Visit Mary at NewDoggie, LLC; www.newdoggie.com.

Susan Smith, Certified Trainer and Consultant from the San Francisco SPCA Academy (CTC), CPDT, and CDBC, works out of Austin, Texas. Susan does some private consultations, but her business now focuses on developing educational and business materials for trainers, consultants, and other animal professionals. She is active in her professional organizations and is chairperson for the APDT Member Relations and Communications committee. She regularly contributes articles to professional journals and newspapers. Susan studied with the renowned positive trainer Bob Bailey and with Jean Donaldson, who is one of the most respected consultants, speakers, and authors in the dog arena. Susan is co-owner (with Mary Emmen) of the PositiveGunDogs Yahoo Group discussion list, which has over 600 members. Her breed of choice is the English springer spaniel, and her canine companion and co-educator is Jimmy Joe. Visit Susan's website at www.raisingcanine.com.

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