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Positive reinforcement abounds during ClickerExpo here at Nashville's Sheraton Music City hotel. That's a given. What's not a given is to have your behavior shaped via positive reinforcement by the hotel itself!

I'm not talking about the friendly smiles and kind words from the hardworking staff here (though these folks are quite nice, to be sure). I'm talking about cold, hard cash. Sort of.

hotel door hanging

Many hotels, for a while now, have been attempting to shape the behavior of their guests by asking them to forgo having their bed linens and towels replaced every day. Often these efforts are presented as environmentally friendly choices.  The main "reinforcer" for the guest is getting to feel good for having saved the hotel water, soap, and the labor required to change and wash your towels that day. Reinforcing for some, but definitely not all.

Here in Nashville, this hotel does something a little different. In an effort to "green up" its guests, the Sheraton offers a financial incentive (a $5 voucher for food or beverages at the hotel) to those guests who choose to have the housekeeping team skip their room that day.

To earn the incentive, you simply hang a special "Green Choice" tag on your door the night before. That lets the staff know that you're OK with reusing towels and sheets that day. Then, at some point overnight, the Green Choice Fairy (like the Tooth Fairy, but greener) comes and slips a little piece of paper under your door.

The TAG point is: hang sign on door.

The reinforcer is a little piece of paper that represents $5. The reinforcer is timely (mine was there first thing when I woke up). It's also a pretty effective reinforcer (most people do find money reinforcing!)

Pretty nifty. And pretty appropriate for ClickerExpo!

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