KPA Tip of the Day: Warm Up Your Dog Before Training Session

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Your dog needs to be alert and focused on you for learning to take place. Try this test before you start a training session. Click and drop treats at your feet. Does your pup eat them readily and look up at you? If the answer is yes, then ask for an easy behavior, such as a sit. Click and treat a correct response. Repeat a few times and notice your dog’s body language. What tells you that your dog is ready to work? Wagging his tail? Ears slightly forward? Eyes on you? A bounce to his step? Now he is ready to start learning something new!

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With a background in biology and teaching high school students, lifelong dog enthusiast Dawn Gilkison, KPA CTP, now provides in-home dog training services and seminars. Dawn's experience with a variety of canine sports and skills makes it easy for her to provide personalized training plans for dogs and families.