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Foundation to Fluency: Beginning with a quick review of clicker training skills, this seminar focuses on teaching the important “building block” behaviors that should be part of every dog's repertoire, whether they are family pets, canine athletes, therapy dogs, or assistance dogs. A variety of common behavioral problems will be covered, with an emphasis on solutions using positive reinforcement. Time is also reserved for some fun trick training segments. Various techniques for “getting” the behaviors will be discussed, with an emphasis on shaping behaviors. Also covered: how to ignore distractions in all types of environments; building duration into the skills; and working at a distance from the handler.

How’d You Do That? Tricks That Help You Master The Trade: This working seminar is for people and friendly dogs that are well-versed in the basics of clicker training and already have some basic trick training on their dogs. Some helpful prerequisite skills would include: basic obedience (sit, down, stay, off); touch; go to a target location; take & hold an item in the mouth. The goal of this seminar is to increase the TRAINER’S versatility, enhance your creativity and problem-solving skills by learning how to teach the same trick multiple ways (with demonstrations from audience dogs), increase the DOG’S versatility, experiment with the clicker and hone your timing and shaping skills in the “safe haven” of trick training.

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About Sherri Lippman and Virginia Broitman

Bow Wow Seminars are presented by the talented team of Sherri Lippman and Virginia Broitman. In addition to speaking at private training clubs and humane societies around the country, Sherri and Virginia have also presented at APDT, ClickerExpo, and the P.A.W.S. service dog training conferences. Sherri and Virginia are also the producers of the Bow Wow series of dog training videos, the most recent of which, The How Of Bow Wow won the 2004 Maxwell Award for Training and Behavior Video.

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Seminars featuring other top clicker trainers can be profitable, enhance your reputation as a top educational facility, and strengthen the bond with your customer. You'll pull in new dog enthusiasts and have the chance to meet to them, you'll reconnect with customers you haven't seen in a while, and you'll do well financially. We can help you evaluate, arrange, and market a one- or two-day seminar featuring top clicker trainers and ClickerExpo faculty members Virginia Broitman and Sherri Lippman. You sponsor the event and we help you market it. Interested? Contact us.

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