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Ask the Expert: Q&A

Training Your Dog to Sit

Q: I'm trying to teach my dog to sit, but she's not really getting it quite right. What should I be doing?

The Dog Who Chewed Shoes

Q: How do I stop destructive chewing? I've tried everything I can think of!

Why Training "Come" Differs from Other Behaviors

Q: In the book Clicking with Your Dog, and on this website, the method to train a good "come" is discussed. In both places, you start out using the "come" command as the cue. Why is this training strategy different than others, where you add the cue after the dog knows the behavior?

Reinforcing Doing Nothing

Q: I have been reading through all the articles on your website. I found one area of interest that is a little confusing for me. I have trained my dog using the clicker and she will do every trick on cue (with a word). When I bring my clicker out to try to teach a new behavior, my dog goes crazy and starts offering many behaviors. You state in the articles that a dog who does this doesn't know the behaviors on cue. But my girl will do all of them on cue. I am finding it hard to get her focused. Why is she going so crazy? Also, why do owners say their dog will only listen when clicker is present?

Keeping Training Records

Q: Should I keep records of my training sessions?