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Excerpts from Agility Right from the Start

In their highly anticipated new book, Agility Right from the Start, Eva Bertilsson and Emelie Johnson Vegh present a comprehensive guide to agility, based entirely on the powerful modern training system that made them leading agility teachers throughout Norway and Sweden.

Advance readers comment:

Excerpts from Reaching the Animal Mind

One of the pleasures of Karen’s new book, Reaching the Animal Mind: What Clicker Training Teaches Us About Animals, is the way science is made accessible through compelling stories of real training events.

Behavior Boot Camp: A New Clicker Training Certification Program

I had my first experience with animal training more than 20 years ago, with my own dog. I attended a traditional training class, which used a method I called "yank and thank." We waited for the dog to "get it wrong," then yanked on its choke collar and promptly "thanked it" by offering praise. This method makes as little sense to me now as it did then, but at the time I knew of no other options.

Look, Ma, No Hands!

"Clicker training is easy," said the woman in the puppy class. "It's growing a third hand that is hard!" Like many beginning clicker trainers, she's discovered that clicker training is as much a mechanical skill as it is a training method. (Many people also say it's a way of life, a philosophy, and the secret to saving the world, but let's not go overboard.) Rather than grafting a new limb, the technique of tethering is gaining followers.

Hidden Aversives: Are You Punishing Unconsciously?

Are you still treating your dog with hidden aversives? A year ago, Karen Pryor suggested that as a community of clicker trainers, we should stop punishing our dogs "by accident." We're featuring this classic for the New Year, to help with that list of resolutions.