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Success Stories

How Clicker Training Changed My Horses

From Karen Willmus: I've been clicking several of the same horses, now, since Alexandra Kurland first published her book Clicker Training for Your Horse about five years ago. I've used it on Arabs, Quarters, Andalusians, and ponies. Also used it on the cats and dogs. With the horses I piggyback the clicker to Parelli, Lyons, and Classic dressage-type principles. Some of my horses have daily training, and sometimes some go for months between training.

Friskiest Cat Award Winner

One of my clicker trained kitties, Gypsy won the Friskiest Cat Award from Friskies at the cat show we attended this past Saturday. It was the National Capital Cat Show in Chantilly, VA. There were 450 purebreds, and a separate show for about 100 Household cats. The cats from the Friskies commercials were performing as well.

How Clicker Training Changed My Cat

I recently purchased your clicker training kit. My girlfriend and I have a two-year-old cat called Marmite, we had saved her from a farmer who didn't like cats. He told us the cats attack the piglets. She is quite a feisty little thing but has a loving nature.

Tell Us About Your Shelter Experience!

"We have been clicking around here for some time, but we are doing it more than ever now. We have decided to do more work in the kennels, despite the noise and confusion, and have had far better results than anticipated in just one week. We are planning to put together a video for you shortly with BEFORE and AFTER footage, since I think we will be able to show dramatic improvements in front-of-kennel behavior."

Sarah Babcock, Director of Education and Training, Richmond SPCA.

Clicking an Attack Cat

From Mara Windstar: I have been clicker training my service dog "Freely," a golden retriever, for about one year. While we were coming home from a walk last week, a white cat whose house we pass daily lept at me and grabbed onto my side... CLAWS EXTENDED! It was terrifying.. I looked at the cat for an instant and it screamed and showed its pointy teeth--and that was it for me! I looked away immediately! I was trying not to panic... Freely started barking and lunging but he was not trying to attack the cat back. Fortunately the owner saw and heard the commotion and came running over and screamed to the cat and it lept off me.