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Shortening the Intermission Between Cue and Behavior: Proofing for Latency

Do you have time to clean your house, watch your kid's soccer game, make dinner, attend ClickerExpo and return home before your dog responds to a given cue?  If so, this article is for you!

Got behaviors? Want proof?

Why will my dog sit in my living room, but not at class?  Why will he sit directly at my feet, but not twelve feet away?  I know, and you should too!

Faster Sits, No Barking, and #$%@&* Cats!

While it is true that Laev would probably not in the grand scheme of things really care much, I felt strongly that I should rise to the challenge and find a non-compulsive way to reduce our latency.

Darned Analytical Obsessive Dogs

Laev is a one-rep learner. This is not a good thing, especially when your one rep is more like five before you realize it's not what you want.