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Manners Minder Miracles!

Finally, I can train one dog at a time! Training will go so much faster now.

Wonderfully Behaved Dogs

An afternoon of play and work with both dogs has reminded me how much I enjoy working with them, when we're at home and all our stress levels are low. We've done crate training, mat work, and play today, and they've surprised me every time with how quickly they pick up on all the concepts.

Crate Training, Part 3

More crate training progress, yay!

Crate Training, Continued

Now that I'm actually working on crate training, we're making progress at the speed of light! Even after a week off, my dogs were perfectly happy to get back into the training routine.

Crate Training

I keep saying my dogs don't like their crates...the truth is clearly that I don't like crate training. I've had all of three sessions in the last three days, and my dogs are already doing incredibly well.