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Day 1.  clicker training Graycee, Hondo and Dylan.  Working on tricks.  First trick - PAWS UP.  They must put their front paws on a box or stool.  All thr

Clicker Trick of the Month contest!

The forum visitors on my website have inspired me to start a monthly contest on my forum for Clicker Trick of the Month!  Clicker trained subjects of any species (including, but not limited to:  husbands, dogs, cats, children, colleagues, fish, birds, reptiles, horses) are eligible to participate in the contest!

Cache the Black Lab

Hello everyone in the doggy world. My mom taught me with a clicker and I am such a good boy. I am a great friendly Labrador Retiever with great manners. Everybody loves me when I go to the local animal feed store. I like to do tricks for treats.

Handsome volunteers to help out the Salvation Army.

Handsome and the Salvation Army.