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Skills for Every Day

Erasing Fear: A Lesson (or Two) on Cues and Shaping

A note from Karen Pryor:

ALS (All Life Stages) Training: A Well-Behaved Companion for a Lifetime

One of the most encouraging trends in the dog-owning community is the increase in attendance at puppy classes. More and more vets are aware of the considerable benefits of well-run puppy classes taught by qualified professional instructors in a safe, sanitary, and controlled environment. Puppy class is frequently, and correctly, touted as a "behavioral vaccine," a proactive way to prevent behavior problems in adult dogs.

How to Teach Give: A Winning Recipe

By the time most dogs get to my classes, their owners have already taught them that when they get hold of something special, it's going to be taken away. Most of the time, the owners get upset, yell, and force the object out of their mouths. So, when dogs find that deliciously smelly dead squirrel in the yard, they are more likely to hide the squirrel under the couch than allow their owners to catch them with it.

Podcast: Aggressive Dogs: Nature or Nurture?

In this month's podcast, Aidan Bindoff discusses dogs' aggressive behavior. Aidan asks, "Are aggressive dogs born aggressive, or is the aggression a result of the dog's upbringing and training?" Listen to the podcast (available at the bottom of the page) to learn more about aggression as an operant behavior, and how to deal with the issue in training. Read the original article here.

How to Tame Your Kitten, Clicker-Style

From tiny tigers to diminutive panthers, all with entertaining antics and adorable little faces, kittens are one of the great joys of life. But young cats are not just charming; they can be formidable as well.

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