Day 1.  clicker training Graycee, Hondo and Dylan.  Working on tricks.  First trick - PAWS UP.  They must put their front paws on a box or stool.  All thr

Awesome Lesson I Was Honored to Teach Today!

I had a wonderful second lesson with a woman and her recently adopted dog today.  When I met them last week I was pleasantly surprised because the woman had described the dog as a recent adopt

Toilet training three cats

OK, I'm gonna train three cats to go on the toilet.  I'm getting some really strange looks.

If he knows the clicker, use the clicker.

I am always amazed at how the clicker perks the dogs right up.  They continue to tell me what works, and that I should stick with that.  "Hey Mom!  We get the clicker!" It feels good when your dogs know better than you do.