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Special Situations

September 11: A Post to the Clickryder List

If feels good to sit in front of a computer and do something as normal as write an email. Like all the rest of you, I've been watching the terrible images of sorrow that are unfolding via the television. It is so unbelievably sad; sad to think of the passengers on those planes and the terror they must have felt; sad to think of the firefighters climbing to their deaths in those towers as everyone else was rushing down; sad to think of the families devastated by their losses; sad to think of the rescue workers forever changed by the nightmare horrors of what they are seeing. So many images, so many terrible things, but the saddest of all is thinking about what may be coming. That's the most frightening part of all of this. What will our reaction be? Will we find a wise course of action in all this chaos, or will we become just another terrorist who screams for an eye for an eye?

Loading the Problem Loader

"Loading the Problem Loader: The Effects of Target Training and Shaping on Trailer-Loading Behavior of Horses," a research paper published by Dawnery L. Ferguson and Jesus Rosales-Ruiz, University of North Texas, in the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis 34 (1002): 409-424.

Clicker Training a Narcotics Dog

"Write a short piece on training a narcotics detection dog using operant conditioning," said Karen Pryor. Easier said than done.

by Jane Sharp