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Zootoo Features Clicker Training and Don’t Shoot the Dog

The online pet portal Zootoo features an in-depth look at the benefits of clicker training in an article entitled Lifelong Learning With Your Dog

Clicker Training in the Tahoe Daily Tribune

The Tahoe Daily Tribune offers a clear explanation of the evolution of clicker training, its benefits, and its many applications today in "

Clicker Training Featured in GQ Magazine

The June, 2011 issue of GQ magazine features a fantastic piece about the benefits of clicker training. GQ interviewed Karen Pryor for background information on clicker training, which the article describes as “the best way to tame your beast.”

Karen Pryor Shares Cat Training Tips In All Animals Magazine

Karen offers cat clicker training tips in the May/June 2011 issue of the Humane Society's All Animals Magazine in an article entitled "It All Clicks Together: Clicker Training Can Keep Your Cat on Good Behavior."

Karen Pryor and ClickerExpo Faculty on Steve Dale's Pet World

 Karen Pryor, Ken Ramirez, and swedish agility authorities Eva Bertilsson and Emelie Johnson Vegh discuss clicker training in this Petcast by pet columnist Steve Dale.