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Karen clicks and sings

Clicker training is NOT just about the clicker and marking behavior. That is very powerful, and it’s the first thing people learn. However, you’re not really doing the whole thing until you absorb and automatically use the underlying principles.

Karen Pryor Academy in Bark Magazine

Karen Pryor Academy (KPA) was profiled in a recent Bark Magazine article entitled “How to Become a Dog Trainer.” In the article, author and KPA Certified Training Partner (CTP) Kay Elliot provides sound advice on how to get started with a career in dog training and how to choose a dog training school. Elliot advises readers to “be sure that whatever academy, mentor or seminar speaker you choose promotes the use of only the most up-to-date, reward-based training methods grounded in the science of how dogs learn.” The article describes Karen Pryor Academy as the only positive-reinforcement training academy to combine the convenience of distance learning with hands-on workshops.

On My Mind: Clicker Training…What a Concept!

I sense that the concepts of clicker training are spreading faster and farther than ever before. It’s not just the click that people think of now. It’s not just, “Oh, it has to be positive.” It’s more fundamental than that.