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My New "Positivity Project"

Every positive training email list I am on has a near daily post from someone upset about all of the press that the negative training techniques are getting, especially on tv.  The comment has

Gaining relevance through distraction training

Proofing behaviors for reliability in the face of distractions is an aspect of training that many handlers struggle with.  This article will provide you with a systematic framework for distraction training which is customized to your dog.  Enjoy, and happy proofing!

It's not Click/Treat, it's Click THEN Treat! Mechanical skills for clicker trainers

From observing students in class, it is easy to see that new clicker trainers are often frustrated due to a lack of mechanical skills.  What follows is a discussion of the issue, along with a few fun ways to improve your skills as a clicker trainer.

"Are You Karen Pryor?"

Er, not today.

"Drive-Building." And photos!

This is the fun part!