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What the clicker has taught me

The clicker has taught me to mark what I want my dog to do.  In other words-the click eliminates the guess work and helps me communicate effectively with my dog.

How to teach paw targeting to a dog that likes to use his mouth/teeth...

I was trying to teach Blake paw targeting by using the lid of a jar and hiding the treat underneath it.  The problem I'm having is he LOVES to use his mouth, nose, and teeth to investigate thi

Treat inclined puppy...

I've been going back and forth with the clicker training.  It is a method that I want to keep using, but I'm noticing some things that I'm not sure how to correct. 

First Try

So, I just got my clicker in the mail yesterday and I resolved to try to start training Cleocatra today.

Chihuahua Training problems

I have a 8 month old chihuahua male. We live in an apartment and work 8 hours a day so our only option was to litter train him.