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Erasing Fear: A Lesson (or Two) on Cues and Shaping

A note from Karen Pryor:

On My Mind: A Dolphin Dream

For some years now I've been following the work of Robin Baird, PhD, who with colleagues and students has been tracking, tagging, photographing, and counting whales and dolphins around Hawaii for decades. His group, the Cascadia Research Collective, has identified eighteen different species, many of them local residents, and hundreds of individuals. Wow! In my years as head trainer at Sea Life Park in Hawaii we had individuals of thirteen of those species in our tanks. What I wouldn't give to see these rare animals out in the ocean for myself.

Fifty Years of Positive Change: An Interview with Karen Pryor

Editor's note: Karen Pryor first learned about training with positive reinforcement almost 50 years ago, in 1963, when she began her animal training career as head dolphin trainer at Sea Life Park in Hawaii. She became fascinated by all that could be communicated between humans and animals using positive training. Karen applied what she had learned training dolphins to other animals (and humans!) and began teaching others the same pioneering techniques. In 1984, Karen captured the world's attention with the release of her first book about operant conditioning, Don't Shoot the Dog. Close to thirty years later, readers have learned more than we could imagine about the minds of animals, and about the possibilities for communicating and interacting with them, from her most recent book, Reaching the Animal Mind. On the book's third anniversary, and just past Karen's own 80th birthday, we talked with Karen to find out what is new in the world of animal training, and what she is up to now.

Podcast: Karen Reads from Reaching the Animal Mind

You'll enjoy listening to Karen's own podcast (available at the bottom of this page), comprised of audio selections from her latest book, Reaching the Animal Mind. In this podcast, Karen talks about communicating with other species and how animals are able to "talk" to us through clicker training. To learn more about this topic and many more, order your own copy of Reaching the Animal Mind today!

Clicker Training in the Tahoe Daily Tribune

The Tahoe Daily Tribune offers a clear explanation of the evolution of clicker training, its benefits, and its many applications today in "