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Online Discussion with Karen Pryor: Clicker Training in the Shelter Environment

This discussion took place via Yahoo. People joined the Karen Pryor online Yahoo Group ahead of time or during the day, and could read the posts as e-mail or at the Yahoo Group site. Over 300 people participated.

At the end of the day we closed the site, planning to keep it available as a read-only archive. We ran into trouble with that, but luckily our webmaster, Greg Parsons, had maintained a file of all the e-mails as they arrived. So, working from that file, I've been able to prepare an abridged text version of the day's discussion. I removed advertisements, headers and footers, and off-topic letters. I also removed a few questions by accident; I hope the content of the answers will make the questions clear. Please accept my apologies for any annoying or serious omissions or errors that may have occurred during this process. Whatever got left out is entirely my fault.

An Interview with Karen Pryor

Melissa Alexander, owner of the ClickerSolutions list and author of "Click for Joy," interviews Karen Pryor about her life, dolphin training experiences, and the history and future of clicker training.

Clicker Training for Cats Wins Cat Writers Association Award

Clicker Training for Cats, Karen Pryor's popular and indispensible book, was awarded the TidyCat Feline Behavior Award at the Cat Writers Association 2001 annual meeting. The award, sponsored by Ralston Purina, honors work that is both skillfully written, technically accurate and educates readers while promoting a positive approach to understanding and dealing with feline behavior.