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Other Announcements

New Hampshire SPCA Clicks for Life!

Susan Carney is Community Programs Manager at the New Hampshire SPCA in Stratham, New Hampshire. Spurred by the success of other New England shelters, her organization is planning to incorporate clicker training in their program. Earlier this spring Susan wrote to our Shelter Resource Center, "I've taken the hints and information from your shelter pack and I think we will be OK. I am really excited about all that I have learned. I am going to try to take a crack at training the staff myself. Our first training session is May 6th."

Clicker Training with Cats on CNN

NEW YORK - May 2003, CNN's Jeanne Moos caught up with Karen for an interview while she was speaking to the Wildlife Conservation Society at the Bronx Zoo. The resulting piece, which ran on CNN News world wide, makes Karen's point clear: the lives of cats, big and small, are benefiting from the positive effects of clicker training.

And Now, A Little Training Humor...

Laughter is contagious. It's disarming and it's healthy. If we can look in the mirror and laugh but love- that is if we can take ourselves seriously but not too seriously then magical things happen. The unapproachable is suddenly approachable. The unspeakable, may be speakable. Sometimes, we see things in an entirely new perspective. Common perspective can be found. Hey, we don't have much in common but we BOTH thought that was funny! That's something to start with anyway.

Mew-sic to Our Ears: Karen Pryor Speaks at UVHS

Mew-sic to our ears: Karen Pryor returns to celebrate all that makes cats unique… and uniquely trainable Internationally Renowned Animal Behaviorist Karen Pryor helped UVHS Celebrate Adopt a Shelter Cat Month in June by presenting a workshop "Individualizing Cat Care: Helping Cats Feel Special."

Karen Pryor on Animal Planet Radio

Steve Dale, noted national pet columnist and radio personality, and Karen Pryor, with Steve's clicker-trained Devon Rex kitten Ringo.