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Lights, Camera, Behavior!

Canis Film Festival Logo Karen Pryor Clickertraining (KPCT) announces a worldwide showcase for videos that demonstrate great animal training. Over $2,500 in cash prizes and a video contract await the producers of innovative and informative training videos of dogs, horses, cats, and any other species from rats to rabbits, llamas to lizards.

Good Human! You're Learning the Fido Way

For most people, tag is a child's game. But for a growing number of young athletes and dancers, "TAG" is a revolution in education.

Teaching with Acoustical Guidance is a technique that uses a sharp audible "click" to signal the moment when a student gets something right—from perfect form on a handstand to the perfect ballet arabesque.

TAGteach International LLC Launches Newer, Faster Teaching Methods for Coaches and Teachers

Waltham MA (PRWEB) June 1, 2004 - TAGteach International, LLC

Karen Pryor, a leading behavioral scientist, author, and pioneer in the field of positive reinforcement learning, announced today that she has joined with the founders of the TAGteach™ method to develop and promote the company's revolutionary teaching system.

Karen Pryor Elected to Skinner Foundation Board of Directors

Karen Pryor, CEO of Sunshine Books/KPCT and author of Don't Shoot the Dog: The New Art of Teaching and Training, has been elected to the Board of Directors of the Skinner Foundation. The B.F. Skinner Foundation was established in 1987 to publish significant literary and scientific works in the analysis of behavior and to educate both professionals and the public about the science of behavior. The Foundation received tax-exempt status as a 501-C3 charitable group in 1989.

The Pryor Foundation

A group of research-minded trainers and clicker-curious scientists have joined forces to promote and organize study and dissemination of valid information about clicker training, in animals and people.