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Accelerate Your Learning, Bit by Bit

ClickFlicks Video Lessons are complete video segments, from one to seven minutes long, that will teach you how to train a specific useful behavior or learn a specific skill. Lessons take just minutes to download* to your computer! And each lesson you download is only $4.99!

Find a Clicker Trainer

If you'd like to find a clicker trainer in your area, this is a good place to start.

ClickerConnect: Keep your website fresh and interesting

Refresh your website with new clicker training content

Fresh articles and information, what Internet users call "content," is the reason why people return to websites.

ClickerConnect—KPCT's News Feeds via RSS

Karen Pryor Clickertraining now offers ClickerConnect, a way to get clicker training news, articles, and gear updated automatically or included in your own website, free of charge.

KPCT Makes Popular Web Articles Freely Available via RSS Technology

Waltham, MA, March 12, 2005 — Karen Pryor Clickertraining (KPCT) announces a breakthrough content solution for pet-oriented websites. Through Clicker Connectâ„¢, website owners can now automatically show top content from clickertraining.com on their own sites. The service is free and available now. With interest in the powerful technique of clicker training growing and the field advancing, the service boosts pet-oriented websites' appeal by offering visitors unique, high-quality content with a minimum of hassle and at no cost. Information on the site is produced by Karen Pryor Clickertraining, the most visited and trusted education and product source for clicker training on the Internet.