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Long-Awaited Relief for Owners of Aggressive Dogs

Waltham, MA (PRWEB) March 18, 2005 -- In Click to Calm, author and Canine Behavioral Consultant Emma Parsons uniquely and effectively addresses canine aggression through an all-positive reinforcement approach based on the principles of clicker training, which she studied and practiced with noted Behavioral Biologist, trainer and author Karen Pryor.

Clicker Training Transforms Families at Risk: SHIP

"Dogs and cats, like us, have feelings. They cannot be abused or treated unfairly. Please treat your animals the way you Want to be treated."
-Five-year-old SHIP program participant

Many clicker trainers have experienced it. You are training your dog, clicking and reinforcing for desired behavior, making swift progress toward your goal, and communicating with your animal at a level you never dreamed possible. Suddenly, it dawns on you that clicker training is so much more than a training technique; it is a powerful new way of interacting, a technology and a philosophy rolled into one-that can change lives.

Which Book is Top Dog? Click for Joy! Named Top Dog Training Book of 2003

New York, NY February 13, 2003--Which book should you get to train that new puppy or grown dog? Click for Joy!, by Melissa Alexander(Sunshine Books,2003),took home this year's coveted Maxwell Award from the Dog Writers Association of America for best book on dog behavior and training.

Clicker Puppy Preview

This new DVD delightfully shows you how to teach adorable puppies just weeks old the basics for good canine citizenship plus some fun tricks. So much love, so much fun and it's all clicker trained. Incredibly, all the demonstrations are performed by children. If you are getting a puppy soon or already have one, in your family, this DVD is our choice for tops on your list.

Click for Joy! Nominated for Maxwell Award

Melissa Alexander's Click for Joy!, published by KPCT in 2003, has been nominated for two awards by the prestigious Dog Writers Association of America.