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World Renowned Animal Trainer Makes Full Video Library Available Over the Internet

Waltham, MA (PRWEB) June 6, 2006 -- Karen Pryor, a pioneer and innovator of force-free training systems for pets and animals since 1960, is leveraging the power of the Internet and high-speed connections to give pet owners instantaneous access to complete lessons for training their dogs, cats, llamas, rabbits, and even pet fish through ClickFlicks, a new and unique online service.

Getting Started: Clicking with Your Rabbit

Why leave your bunny in a cage all day when you could both be having fun together?

Rabbits are smart! Find out how your rabbit can quickly learn to:

  • Jump through a hoop and sit in a basket
  • Happily get into your lap to be carried and snuggled
  • Come when called
  • "Gimme five" with a paw
  • Use a litter box
  • Stop biting and other problem behaviors


Beyond the Bark: What's Your Dog Saying?

Training your dog becomes much easier when communication flows between you and your dog, which is exactly what happens when you observe dog signals and interpret them correctly. Used as an invaluable reference manual for dog professionals or as a guide to understanding your family pet better, this book is for you.

Accelerate Your Learning, Bit by Bit

ClickFlicks Video Lessons are complete video segments, from one to seven minutes long, that will teach you how to train a specific useful behavior or learn a specific skill. Lessons take just minutes to download* to your computer! And each lesson you download is only $4.99!

Bunnies in Your Easter Basket? Better Get this Book, Too!

Waltham, MA, April 5, 2006—Just in time for Easter, Karen Pryor Clickertraining has published a new and indispensable guide for bunny owners. Getting Started: Clicking with Your Rabbit by Joan Orr and Teresa Lewin will show you exactly how to bring out the best in your bunny friend.