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A Harness (or Two) for Misha

Karen Pryor went to Germany and came back with… a new harness for Misha. Well, two, actually. Read on.

Clarissa v. Reinhardt has a goal: all dogs should be safe, well, and happy. To this end, at her establishment in the Bavarian Alps in Germany Clarissa runs a training school (with ten acres of outdoor training grounds), an animal shelter (with living rooms and gardens for the dogs), a publishing house (clicker training strongly endorsed), and a store (selling organic nutrition and wellness supplies and the world’s most comfortable dog beds). Her organization, called Animal Learn, holds an annual conference on canine behavior, attended by several hundred people (and some dogs) from all over Europe.

What? Train a Rabbit?

Rabbits are furry and lovable, of course; quirky and silly, sometimes; full of energy and mischief, undoubtedly; but trainable? You bet! You're probably training your rabbit without even realizing it. Is he litter-box trained? Does he come to see you when you go to his cage? Then you've already taken your first steps.

Blazing a New Trail: Training Gun Dogs

Dogs have assisted humans in hunting for sport since the Middle Ages. Today, many gun dog trainers are still using well-worn, ancient training techniques-traditional methods that often involve force and pain. As with any area of animal training, however, the impressive results of all-positive clicker training are clearing new territory.

Karen Pryor Connects with the Author of "Kicked, Bitten, And Scratched"

When Amy's book came out, the New York Times gave it a great review. Then the Times published Amy's lighthearted article about what she learned, following the trainers around at Moorpark, that helped her get over nagging her husband and improved their relationship: "What Shamu Taught Me About a Happy Marriage." Wow, what a huge media reaction! One reporter told me that Amy "shocked the entire world."

Bathing Your Dog, Without the Wrestling Act

For anyone who ever had a dog escape in the middle of a bath and run through the house sopping wet.