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Off the Beaten Path

How to Raise a Good Pirate

On a recent beautiful autumn morning (I'm writing from Tasmania, Australia), my wife and I took our daughter, Charlotte, on an outing to the park. There were half a dozen other kids there, all scrambling over the fort and slide together.

Jessie Gets Radical: Teach Your Dog to Skateboard!

Imagine coming home from ClickerExpo, your head full of ideas, and getting a new dog! That was my situation recently. So, I did what any enthusiastic trainer would do—I trained my new dog to ride a skateboard!

Marley and Us: Clicker Training on the Movie Set

"Class! Collar your dogs!"

Most Americans would recognize the husky female voice that gave that command in a heartbeat.

I followed instructions, bent over my Doberman, Leissl, and placed around her neck the 15-year-old choke collar I had taken out of storage. Then I stood up, as rehearsed, to listen for the next command from the class instructor, Kathleen Turner.

Lessons from Llamas

Newcomers to operant training may place superstitious value on the specific tools they see others using, not realizing that it's the process, not the equipment, that counts.

Is Dog Training Worth It? Click and Laugh

There's so much more, however, that a dog can learn. You may wonder if it's worth your time, energy, and money to continue your dog's education. We'll explore and answer this question using cost/benefit analysis.