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Parrot uses 950 words to talk with people, crack jokes

The finding of a parrot with an almost unparalleled power to communicate with people has brought scientists up short. The bird, a captive African grey called N'kisi, has a vocabulary of 950 words, and shows signs of a sense of humour.

Read the full post for more, and hear an excerpt of the parrot talking with his teacher!

Yes, Your Dog Is Talking to You—and to the Cat, Too!

A recent study published in the journal Applied Animal Behavior Science reveals that dog barking is—no surprise to many dog owners—a nuanced form of communication much like birdsong and infant crying. What's more, these forms of communication share acoustic properties in how they convey basic emotions, such as fear—which facilitates cross-species communication.

ClickerExpo 2007: Training with the Stars!

The new ClickerExpo.com is now live, including registration for ClickerExpo Los Angeles (Jan. 26-28, 2007)!
We've listened to all the attendee surveys and feedback, and we've kept all your favorite parts of Expo, while making lots of improvements:

Dolphins "know each other's names"

I'm sure a few people reading this won't exactly be surprised, but having supporting research for this might be quite groundbreaking. DOLPHINS may be closer to humans than previously realised, with new research showing they communicate by whistling out their own "names".

Help for Animal Shelters, One Click at a Time

Redondo Beach, CA (PRWEB) March 4, 2006 -- Karen Pryor Clickertraining (KPCT), organizer of ClickerExpo, the highly acclaimed educational conference specifically for animal professionals and pet owners, and 1-800-Save-A-Pet.com, North America's largest nonprofit online pet adoption service, have teamed up to help more pet owners and shelter professionals learn new skills for successful pet adoptions. How? KPCT and 1-800-Save-A-Pet.com are going to pay partner shelters $25 for each individual that attends ClickerExpo in Newport, RI March 31-April 2, 2006!