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Small Pets

Keeping Your Pet Safe From House Fires

Do you know how you would save your pet in the event of a house fire

Cluck, Cluck, Click! Martha Stewart Meets Coco the Clicker Trained Chicken

Coco is a celebrity. Tens of thousands view her webcam each month for the chance to get a glimpse of her. She has dozens of public appearances under her wing, and is a frequent mentioned in blogs. She even recently starred on a popular television talk show. But when she is not strutting her stuff in the public eye, Coco prefers to make herself at home in the backyard of a small Massachusetts farm.

Most Popular Dog Costumes

Are you planning on dressing up your dog, cat, or other pet for Halloween? Have you picked out or made the costume? We already have a good number of submissions for our costume contest, but there isn't one costume showing up more than others. After all your hard work getting your favorite friend ready for the fun festivities, be sure to take a picture and submit it to us. Enter the costume contest and you could win treats for your pet. All you have to do is take a picture of your pet dressed up in costume and then e-mail the picture.

More than Just an Easter Bunny: A Year-Round Family Member

Everyone associates cute little bunnies with Easter, right? Adorable baby bunnies are often a symbol of the season.

Canis Film Festival finalists are here!

The Canis Film Festival is in full swing, with some fantastic entries in from around the clicker training world. Submissions are now closed, and the finalists have been posted.