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Doggone Crazy! Hits the US Airwaves, Coast to Coast

Doggone Crazy!, manufacturer of the Doggone Crazy! board game and Clicker Puppy training DVD, will hit the airwaves across the US in the coming weeks with pre-Christmas product promotions. Animal Radio will air an interview with Doggone Crazy! co-creator Teresa Lewin on-line and with its 37 affiliate radio stations. A Doggone Crazy! promotion will be heard 700 times on 92 radio stations with the popular Joy Grdnic segment. All Star Radio Networks has selected the Clicker Puppy DVD for its innovative Contest in a Can promotion, distributed to 350 radio stations across the US and will also provide Morning Show content including Doggone Crazy! safety messages to 350 radio stations.

Camp Gone to the Dogs -- NECN Video

Camp Gone to the Dogs is an agility dog training camp in Stowe, VT where you can spend a week with your dog weaving, jumping and learning. NECN (New England Cable News) just did a story on them, and you can watch it here.

Training a puppy ... on a Nintendo!

Nintendo has released an incredibly cute game named Nintendogs for their touch-screen enabled portable, Nintendo DS. In this game, you can train your dog or dogs to do everything from learn their name to compete in agility! And though I haven't played the game (yet!), from a newly-released video it looks like all the training is done through operant conditioning; dogs are given cues and reinforced with praise, petting and treats when they get the behavior right, and when they have learned the behavior, a light bulb goes off over their heads.

Boston Globe praises clicker training

Gina Spadafori, writing in the Boston Globe (9/1/05) describes the 'boot-camp mentality' of many pet owners, who view training and training classes as "a way to break the dog of annoying behaviors, bark commands at him, and correct him for being 'bad.' "

Mass. area residents can support Katrina relief fundraiser

MasterPeace Dog Training, located in Franklin, Mass., is holding a Doggie Yard Sale on October 1 at 9:00 a.m. to benefit dogs impacted by Hurricane Katrina.

MasterPeace is seeking the following: Donations of new or gently used (but clean) dog items, such as beds, toys, equipment (sealed food OK, but no medication). Please drop donations off to MasterPeace by September 26. Volunteers and monetary donations are needed too. You can also support this effort by shopping at the yard sale. Funds raised (and leftover goods) will aid in fostering dogs rescued from the devastated area, or will be donated to a responding animal relief organization.