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Fido's First Cell Phone

Well, cell phones do everything else these days, why not use them to call and track your dog? The new PetCell allows you to literally call and speak to your dog, but more importantly it includes several features that could very useful for management and safety with no aversives:

Our own Emma Parsons--Click to Calm in the press

From the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review online: When Massachusetts dog trainer Emma Parsons taught a not-so-old dog a new trick, she learned a big lesson herself. It eventually led to a training method that teaches aggressive dogs how to calm down, a book on the subject, and workshops such as one she will lead this weekend in Oakmont. The workshop is Parsons' first appearance in this area and is one of a growing number of workshops she has been doing since her book, Click to Calm, came out in December.

Don't miss Attila & Fly at ClickerExpo Newport!

In his day job Hungarian Attila Szkukalek is a biochemist in Norwich, England. In his private life he's a husband, father, and dog training instructor. To the rest of us, Attila with his dog, Fly, is the best freestyle trainer and performer on the planet—and a powerful ambassador for reinforcement-based training.

Clicker Trained Painting Beagles Help with Dog Bite Victim Support

The Painting Beagles of Newfoundland will donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of their paintings to the Courtney Trempe Memorial Fund for Dog Bite Victim Support. The Painting Beagles are trained by Tonji Stewart of Canine Company Clicker Training and Consulting in Holyrood, Newfoundland. The dogs paint using a painting mitt worn on a paw, they were taught using clicker training, an advanced method of training used by elite trainers of marine mammals, search dogs, service dogs and even zoo animals

Dogs Behaving Badly - The Dispatch

This story on dog aggression from the Gilroy Dispatch is a great little piece on how aggression can be managed with positive reinforcement and clicker training, a topic that's of great interest to us here at KPCT. Emma Parsons, KPCT's Training Director, wrote Click to Calm: Healing the Aggressive Dog and gives Click to Calm seminars around the country. It's nice to see this idea that aggressive dogs don't need to be choked into submission, that there are positive ways to deal with this behavior, spreading in the press.